Georgy Treshchev


Unreal Engine C++ Developer

Email: [email protected]

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Curriculum Vitae


Core: C++, Unreal Engine 4/5, Game Tools development, Systems and gameplay development, Audio processing, Multithreading techniques, Third-party libraries integration, Optimization and profiling

Familiar: Perforce, Git, PHP, SQL Databases, ASP.NET


Concurrents — Tools development

Development of Unreal Engine tools for cloud streaming of game content. The tasks included creating tools for visualization, extending the editor functionality, integrating libraries, multi-threaded parallelization, optimization.

Company website link

2021 — Current

Self-employed — Plugins development

Development of various open-source plugins for Unreal Engine, including Runtime Audio Importer, Runtime Files Downloader, etc. Also mobile game development as an example of using these plugins.

2020 — Current

Freelance — Web development

Development of scripts and websites using a stack of PHP, MySQL, JS.

2018 — 2020

Released projects

Runtime Archiver

Runtime Archiver plugin for Unreal Engine. Cross-platform archiving and unarchiving directories and files.

GitHub link


Android Native

Android Native plugin for Unreal Engine that makes it easy to call Java functions via JNI.

GitHub link


Audio Analysis Tools

Audio Analysis Tools plugin for Unreal Engine. Provides a variety of functions for analyzing audio data.

GitHub link | Marketplace link


Unreal Blog

Providing educational content around the Unreal game engine.

Blog link


Hop Dash

Development of a mobile hyper-casual rhythm game as an example of personal plugins like "Runtime Audio Importer" and "Runtime Files Downloader".

Google Play link


Runtime Audio Importer

Runtime Audio Importer plugin for Unreal Engine. Importing audio of various formats at runtime.

GitHub link | Marketplace link


Runtime Files Downloader

Runtime Files Downloader plugin for Unreal Engine. Downloading files over HTTP / HTTPS at runtime.

GitHub link | Marketplace link



Prague Language Institute — Some university courses (CZ)

Activities and societies. Study and practice of English.

2019 — 2020

UnrealSkills (BlueprintME) — Online course (RU, Remote)

Learning the basics of Blueprints, gameplay mechanics, physics, artificial intelligence, etc.


BitAM — Private school (RU)

Basic learning of some technologies (web development, media, winforms, 3d modeling).

2015 — 2019